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Environment and quality
Environmental protection: environmental philosophy/environmental activity/protection/recovery system/environmental system
Quality standard: Quality idea/standard introduction/quality activity/quality system
Environmental protection: environmental concept
Key Words: Environmental Benefit, Sustainable Development, Reverse Logistics         Since the copier appeared on the market in 1964, it has been serving as one of the main office equipment for the modern society. With the progress and the development of society, the copier industry has grown into the leas-based business model in the developed countries such as Japan, European and American countries. Due to the growing demand of customers and the need of promotion of new machine, after use of 3-4 years the copier with the design life of 10-15 years will be replaced by the new one, from which a great deal of recycling resources available are generated. According to the statistics, there will be several million of old copiers available out of lease every year. The treatment for these high-quality renewable resources has become an important issue faced by the current society.

        Since 1992, Ecostar has been engaged in retrofitting and reusing the old copiers, and sold the old copiers retired from the lease market of European and American countries as well as Japan to the emerging market of developing countries after retrofitting and processing. Thus a large number of wastes can be reduced, the efficiency of resource utilization can be improved and the cycle of resource utilization can be extended. Presently, Ecostar can remanufacture 10,000 sets of old high-speed copiers every year, reduces the wastes of plastics, metal, integrated circuit boards by thousands of tons every year to avoid the air pollution caused by the disposal of thousands of tons of old copiers. By means of rich experiences, strong remanufacturing technique and environmental responsibility, Ecsotar has made great contribution to the global environment-friendly work. Ecostar can save the raw materials by 90% or more, and reduce the energy consumption by 95% or more as compared with the manufacturing of new copiers. Take the black and white copier with capacity of 35 sheets a minute, to manufacture a set of copier, 50kg plastics, 100kg metals, 50 parts and 7 integrated circuit boards are required. To remanufacture such a copier, you just replace the damaged parts and repair the copier, by which you can save almost all of the plastics, metals, integrated circuit boards, etc. as necessary to manufacture a new copier. To manufacture the frame structure and the shell of a copier, 3kw/h electricity consumption, 0.1ton water consumption and etc. is required. To remanufacture the same copier, 1kg/h electricity, and 0.05ton water is only used, and energy consumption can be reduced by above 50% at least.

        Environmental Protection: Environmental activity
        To control the environmental pollution caused by the wastes generated in the process of the activity, products and services, Tanaka hereby formulates the waste control flows.
         As a recycling remanufacturing enterprise, Ecostar makes full use of the spare parts and consumable materials in the process of retrofitting the complete machine, so as to reduce the resource wastes and environmental pollution.
        Environmental Protection (Recovery System): Ecostar makes a plan of recovering the retrofitted copiers in the domestic market. At present, Ecostar has begun to recover the retrofitted copiers as leased by Tanaka for retrofitting again, and has further strengthened the efforts of recovering retrofitted copiers in the domestic markets. As for the obsolete copiers after recovery, Tanaka will, after making full use of components and parts, completely disassemble them, and sort out the plastics, metals, integrated circuit boards, and then sold them as raw materials to the qualified environmental recovery companies.
    Environmental Protection (Environmental System): Ecostar is devoted to implementing the ISO14001:2004EMS system certification and energy saving certification(accompanied with Environmental System Certification and Energy Saving Certification)
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