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ECOSTAR Digital Printing Center to Be Opened!
Issued on:2008/11/5 16:08:57

          On November 8, the ECOSTAR Digital Color Printing Center will open at No. 187, Longpan Road. As for the traditional color printing, you have to print over 1000 page each time to cover the cost of making plate etc. And it takes much time to design and make the plate; as for the current digital printing mode, although you can print at the quantity as you wish, the price is very high, i.e. the average price of each color A3 is about 3 Yuan. Thus current digital printing mode is unable to meet the demand of customers. The establishment of ECOSTAR Copy Center is to use remanufactured printers and to produce in scale, so that the digital print cost will be lowered, the requirement of the market will be met, and the digital printing will get popularized, which is the aim of the copy center.


         At present, the domestic and foreign digital printing industry is oriented to the specialization, scale, and popularization gradually. The global printing magnates are trying to snatch the digital printing market of China, especially the rising POD (Printing on Demand) market. With excellent techniques, ECOSTAR seizes the development opportunity of recycling economy, makes the most of advantages of self recycling remanufactured equipment, cuts the printing cost sharply, and meets the requirement of the market for high-quality, high-speed and low-price digital printed matters.


              ECOSTAR has invested nearly 10,000,000 Yuan for nearly 20 sets of advanced color/black and white production digital printing equipment for the copy center. In the copy center the printing price of A3 art paper 0.9 Yuan/pcs, which is competitive with the traditional printing cost of less than 500 copies. 

         On the opening day, ECOSTAR will give coupon of 100 Yuan to the first 100 customers. By then, ECOSTAR will welcome to the customers!                                                                

(President Office)

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