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ECOSTAR Held Training Courses of Xerox DC2060 Color Printers
Issued on:2008/5/15 17:55:17


            From May 10 to May 13, ECOSTAR held the Training Courses of Xerox DC2060 Color Printers, and more than 20 engineers from the Production Department and Customer Service Department of ECOSTAR participated in the training.

            Since ECOSTAR launched the project of Xerox DC2060 Color Printers in 2007, ECOSTAR has sold many sets of Xerox DC2060 color printers, and set up the after-sales service sites in Wuhan, Beijing, Tianjing, Nanjing, etc. The ECOSTAR remanufactured DC2060 color printers have had been accepted by the market, and the ECOSTAR after-sales service has been recognized by many customers.

Over years, ECOSTAR has attached great importance to the improvement of remanufacturing technique and customer service of Xerox color printers. The company holds the trainings and seminars on a regularly, invites experienced foreign engineers to give training every quarter. To further enhance the remanufacturing technique and customer service of Xerox color printers, ECOSTAR, at great expenses, invited the engineer with after-sales service experiences of more than 20 years from America to carry out the training on the Xerox 2060 color printer. After 4-day training, ECOSTAR has got a large group of technical engineers of color printers, which is base for the remanufacturing and after-sales service work of ECOSTAR color printers.

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