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ECOSTAR Held Six Sigma Training
Issued on:2007/9/3 19:39:08

         To improve the quality of ECOSTAR products, ECOSTAR decides to introduce the Six Sigma quality management philosophy the company’s Quality Management System. In the afternoon of September 1st, ECOSTAR invited the Six Sigma Master Black Belt of GE, Mr. Liu Chengkang to carry out the first session of the Six Sigma Training at the Meeting Room of Gaochun Facotry, and 33 persons including ECOSTAR leaders and departmental managers took part in the training. Mr. Liu Chengkang focused on the topics of “What is Six Sigma? And “Six Sigma Management of GE” etc. for training, and talked with the participants on how to initiate and carry out the Six Sigma management. After being trained, the participants have had a further understanding of the Six Sigma, and lay a good foundation for the future learning and employing Six Sigma. The training has achieved a successful outcome.

     The alpha δ is used to statistically indicate the “standard deviation”, i.e. the degree of dispersion of data. 6δ refers to “6 Times of Standard Deviation”. In terms of quality, 6δ means the defect levels is below 3.4 defects per million products, that is to say, there are only 3.4 defects per million products, i.e. the percent of pass is 99.99966%. As far the enterprise is concerned, the implementation of 6δ is employed as a management strategy for sustainable success. It is safe to say that the implementation of 6δ is necessary for any enterprise in the pursuit of the world’s level.

                                                                                                (President Office)

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