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ECOSTAR Remanufactured Copier Win the Bid for Wuhan Municipal Government Procurement Suppliers
Issued on:2007/6/26 2:04:29


       On June 21, the bidding meeting of Copier/Fax Suppliers designated in the Wuhan Governmental Procurement Agreement 2007 was held in Wuhan. “ECOSTAR” remanufactured copiers have won the bid for the brands purchased by Wuhan Municipal Government. ECOSTAR has become a governmental procurement supplier. (As for the notice of winning the bid, please visit

      To become a government procurement supplier, the manufacturers are required to attend a bidding meeting and make offer to the Municipal Government. Only when the manufacturer win the bid for it, could its product be added the procurement list. At the meeting, the Procurement Center of Wuhan Municipal Government invited experts to conduct the strict qualification inspection for the copiers and the tenderers involved in bidding, and make an all-around evaluation for the quality, after-sales service, comprehensive discount rate, etc. of the products. The quality, after-sales service, prices, etc. of “ECOSTAR” retrofitted copiers have been recognized by the procurement department of Wuhan Municipal Government.

        Since ECOSTAR won the bid to become the supplier designated in the Jiangsu Provincial Government Procurement Agreement last year, ECOSTAR has made great progress in the remanufactured products purchased by the government. The users have thought highly of the remanufactured products in terms of price, quality, service, etc. Followed by winning the bid for the designated suppliers of Jiangsu Provincial Government Procurement Agreement, ECOSTAR has again succeeded in winning the bid for the procurement suppliers as agreed by Wuhan Municipal Government. That means all parts of the country and the governments at different levels attach great importance to the development of recycling and remanufacturing industry, and the development of the recycling economy of our country. ECOSTAR will seize this great opportunity to enable the ECOSTAR remanufactured copiers popular in governmental offices.


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