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“Sure to Succeed” ECOSTAR Summary and Commend Meeting 2006 and Business Plan 2007
Issued on:2007/2/12 22:48:10

        In the morning of February 10, at the Multi-function Hall on the F3 of Nanlin Mansion, full of joy and thunder of applauses, the ECOSTAR Summary and Commend Meeting 2006 and Business Plan 2007 was held, and more than 150 persons including the leaders and employees attended the meeting.

         At the meeting, the vice president Lu Weihong gave a lecture on the work summary 2006. And the president Gao Guoqiang gave a lecture on the business plan 2007, describing the vision and the strategic position of ECOSTAR, reviewing the business performance of 2004-2006, analyzing the business environment faced by ECOSTAR, setting forth the business plan and strategy of 2007, stating the highlights of work 2007, and putting forward the financial target 2007. The president said, upon the joint efforts of all employees, ECOSTAR has achieved a very good performance in 2006. The year of 2007 is the critical for the rapid development of ECOSTAR, and he has expected all employees to hold together, trump the target, and be sure to win!    


        In 2006, under the leadership of the president Gao Guoqiang, ECOSTAR has achieved a very good result. To award the more advanced, and encourage the less advanced, ECOSTAR, upon careful voting, has selected 4 excellent new employees and 4 excellent old employees, 3 excellent managers, and granted 1 recommendation prize, 3 special awards of president and 1 excellent team prize, and commended the excellent at the General Meeting.


(President Office)


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