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ECOSTAR President Granted Doctor’s Degree by Inter American University
Issued on:2006/12/18 14:11:53

         On December 4, the Conferment Ceremony 2006 of Asian Area of Inter American University was held in the Singapore Management University. The president Gao Guoqiang was granted the Doctor of Business Administration by Inter American University.

           After two years of hard study at the doctor program of business administration of the Inter American University, the president Gao Guoqiang has completed all of the programs as scheduled, whose school work quality and thesis have come up to the teaching requirements. After reviewed by the doctorial advisor and the Inter American University, he has passed the oral defense, and has been granted the doctor’s degree of business administration. By combining his learning with the years of working experience, it took the president Gao Guoqiang half a year to complete the doctoral thesis entitled as the Research on Recycling Copier Industry Mode---Opportunity and Countermeasures of Chinese Recycling Copiers. This thesis, with the industrial development mode of recycling copier industry as the object of research, analyzes the demand status of copier industry and its role of promoting the development of national economy. His thesis has got a good response in the society, and has been reviewed favorably by the academic circle. During the thesis defense, as appraised by the defense committee members, this thesis, with the recycling copier industry as the topic, involves the latest recycling economy theory and the latest research results of retrofitting theory at home and abroad, rich in contents; this thesis, due to its original industry recycling Taichi-mode theory, is of great value in theory and academy; this thesis, in connection with the practice, designs the industry development path of the recycling copier, which has provided the policy suggestions and decision references for making Chinese copier industry stronger. Several professors unanimously said that this is a good hard-won theory.     


         The president of Inter American University, the professor Fernandez and the dean of AASM SCHOOL of Inter American University, the doctor Yu Renzhong, and the officers of Chinese Embassy in Singapore were present at the graduation ceremony. The president Fernandez expressed his congratulations for all of the graduated students, and encouraged them to put what they learn into practice. When the president Fernandez awarded to the doctor Gao Guoqiang the Diploma and the PhD Certificate, the hall resounded with prolonged applause.



(President Office)




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