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Our company carried out training on new monthly performance assessment system
Issued on:2006/8/16 22:08:42
      On July 31 and August 1, the company has held the training on the new monthly performance examination in Nanjing headquarter and Gaochun factory. In the mobilization, President Gao Guoqiang said that the original performance examination method is quite complicate and not easy to operate, many examinations have become forms only and the goal of the performance examination can’t be realized; the new examination measures will enhance the award to the excellent employees and stimulation to the employees with unsatisfactory performance; the result of the performance examination will be linked with many aspects such as employees’ income, year-end bonus and promotion. President Gao hope the whole staff will study carefully and master the new performance examination measures and constantly study in the work and be strict will themselves to do well various works; President Gao also requested the organizers and the examiners to organize the performance examination in principle of being fair, open, and just to make the examination work function as it should.
      In the training, the assessment designer Lu Weihong explained the new system to the whole staff on the four aspects, that is, organization, principles, process and result. He also answered the questions from the staff. Through the training, Ecostar staff had a basic understanding of the new examination measures. The new performance system was welcomed by the excellent staff and most of the managers considered it a good management instrument. 
      The company will try out the new monthly performance assessment system from August 1 to carry out a simulation performance assessment of July.
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