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Digital printing makes print on demand possible.

What can you benefit from the short-version Printing on Demand? Before thinking about this problem, let us know about the concept of printing costs in modern enterprises, because all services (Printing on Demand is just a kind of service) are to realize the most optimum distribution of resources, and are closely linked with the costs of enterprises.

As far as the modern management and the insiders are concerned, the costs of a copy of printed matter involves many aspects, some are visible, others are ignored (hard to be noticed at once) but exist objectively. They include the following:

1.Partial costs that can be seen easily
Printing costs cover the expenses of printing (image setting, proofing, printing down, etc.), paper, printing ink, etc.

Labor cost is referred to as the cost of the expended human resource.

2.Partial costs that can be seen but are minified or ignored partially
The management expense, rent, interest and other expenses arising from the storage of extra printed documents

The repeated expenses arising from the rework caused by the fault of some links of printing process
3.Partial costs that can not be seen or be ignored easily but exist objectively
The relevant expenses arising from the wasted products (wasted resources) caused by the extra printed matters and the destruction of the waste.

The costs caused by the lost potential business opportunities such as the loss arising from the delay in delivery and the failure of Printing on Demand, thus causing the weakened satisfaction of customers, slack business, etc.

It can be seen that, of the various factors leading to the cost incurred, the printing cost just takes up a small portion. However, people only care about the printing cost, as if they just notice the portion of iceberg above the surface of water but ignore the most portion of iceberg under the surface of water. According to the investigation of an American well-known company, R. R. Donnelley, the expenses caused by storage, distribution and waste account from 60% of the total cost of the traditional offsetting printing. The great ship, Titanic, was damaged and sunk by the iceberg under the water, instead of the portion of iceberg above the surface of water. If the Printing on Demand mode is employed, the printing users can fundamentally save the total expenditures and can also provide the service satisfactory to the customers.

With the digital printing technique becoming more and more mature, the concept of Printing on Demand has been supported and recognized by the users increasingly, and has made the future printing oriented to the digital printing.
The customers can benefit from the Printing on Demand as follows:

• Every customer is very sensitive to cost. When the printing costs is lower, do customers consider making the ad printing of products more elegant and more personalized?
• Tailored to the requirement of customers
• In the highly competitive market environment, realize the shorter printing period, even “ready while you wait”, i.e. “on-demand” printing.
• In selecting the printing service, the customers have a wider and wider choice, free from the limitation of the initial printing volume.
• Variable data printing

• Information technique and network technique has a “natural kinship” with the digital printing. The prevalence of the network and “paperless office” has expanded the demand of documents in terms of printing quantity, printing quality, printing period, etc. instead of reducing the application of paper documents.

If you have or will encounter with the problems, ECOSTAR will help you out of troubles:

Hardware: 200m2 site, one set of A4 black and white production system with a daily capacity of 100,000 copies, and a binding machine.
Software: The document management system connected to each department of your enterprise.

Result: all documents of enterprises will be made available whenever needed, there will be no inventory, no waste, and the cost will reduced to the minimum.

Solutions for: large-sized electric appliance manufacturers, auto manufacturers, telecoms, posts, banks.

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