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   ◇Market Analysis

      The overall production value of digital printing in China in 2006 was only about RMB 3 billion Yuan, accounting for 1% of the total production value of the printing industry in the Country. However, in developed countries, such as Europe, America and Japan, digital printing has accounted for more than 17% of the total production value of the printing industry in those countries, and grows at over 10% annually. According to this tendency, it is estimated that the market value of digital printing in our Country should be RMB 51 billion Yuan with an annual growth of RMB 5 billion Yuan, quite enormous. It means that the digital printing started late in China and has great potential. It is a promising industry in China.

   ◇Looking for further development
Equipment Portfolio: 2 sets of “Ecostar” remanufactured digital color printer DC1250, (or a portfolio consists of Ricoh AF1232C, Konica8050 and Canon3100 and etc.), and 2 sets of Canon IR5000 (or a portfolio consists of Ricoh AF1045 or others).
Investment in Equipment: RMB 100 thousand Yuan (new equipment at same level costs RMB 600 thousand Yuan)
Production Capacity: 50 thousand pieces of A3 color sheets a month; 1 million pieces of A4 black-and-white a month
◇Cost Recovery: one year (3—5 years for new equipment)
     ◇Nanjing Duocai Print Shop

      It purchased one set of DC1250 “Ecostar” remanufactured color production equipment, two sets of black-and-white production equipments, Canon IR5000 and Ricoh AF1045 in May 2007, and within 15 months, it recovered the total costs in August 2008. In 2009, it plans to purchase more equipment and the print shop is on the road to a medium-sized graphic print shop. 
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