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Product Category

  Color Production Printer/Copier
  B/W Production Printer/Copier
  Color Multifunction Copier
  B/W Multifunction Copier
  Color Digital Printer
  Color Digital Engineering Printer
  Compatible Supplies

Quality Level Category

  U8(Used Copier)
  U9(Refurbished Copier)
  U9.5(Remanufactured Copier)

Brand Category

  Konica minolta

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  Product Specifications
Canon iR6000
Canon iR6000
Product Range:B/W Production Printer/Copier
Category: U8Used,,
Product Specifications: 

iR6000 Specification

Parameters of Category: Cassette Feeding
Number of Modules
Paper Weight 0 gsm
Paper Capacity
Optional or Standard

Parameters of Category: Colourpass GX100PS GX100
Memory N/A
Hard Disk N/A
Interface N/A
Resolution N/A
Options N/A

Parameters of Category: Colour Image Reader
Scanning Resolution
Number of Colour Image Readers

Parameters of Category: Copy-Print Speed
First Copy Out Time Colour N/A s
Warm Up Time 360 s
Multiple Copies 1 to 999 copies
A4 Black and White 60 PPM
A4 Colour N/A ppm
A3 Black and White 30 ppm
A3 Colour N/A ppm
A4R Black and White ppm
A4R Colour N/A ppm
A5R Black and White ppm
A5R Colour ppm
First Copy Out Time Black and White 3.8 s

Parameters of Category: Copy Sizes
Stack Bypass A6;A5;A5R;A4;A4R;A3
Max. Page Size A3
Mail Boxes Max
Copy Reservation jobs
Max. Printing Area cm
Cassette A5;A5R;A4;A4R;A3

Parameters of Category: DADF
Optional or Standard Standard
Paper Size A4
Paper Weight Single gsm
Paper Weight Double gsm
Max. Number of Originals 100 Max
Document Scanning Speed Colour N/A IPM
Document Scanning Speed Black and White N/A ipm

Parameters of Category: Eye One Process Control, Production
Printer validation N/A
Package contents N/A
Colour Libraries Included N/A

Parameters of Category: Finisher
Optional or Standard Optional
Finisher Names F1
Saddle Finisher Names F2
Number of finishers 2

Parameters of Category: High Capacity Stacker
Name N/A
Stacker Dolly N/A
Output Tray Capacity N/A sheets
Downstream Output N/A
Stack Tray N/A sheets
Total Paper Capacity N/A sheets
Paper Sizes For Stack Tray N/A
Paper Weights N/A gsm
Stacking Modes N/A
Optional or Standard N/A

Parameters of Category: Magnification
Fixed %
Zoom 25-400 %

Parameters of Category: Paper Capacity
Stack Bypass 50 Maximum sheets
Maximum Optional 3500 sheets
Max total Capacity 6550 sheets
Standard 3000 Maximum sheets

Parameters of Category: Paper Deck
Number of Paper Decks 1 Max
Paper Size Deck One
Paper Size Deck Two N/A
Paper Weight Deck One gsm
Paper Weight Deck Two N/A gsm
Paper Capacity Deck One 3500 sheets
Paper Capacity Deck Two N/A sheets
Name Deck One G1
Name Deck Two N/A
Optional or Standard Optional

Parameters of Category: Paper Weight
Stack Bypass 64 gsm
Duplex 0 gsm
Cassette 64 gsm

Parameters of Category: Perfect Binder
Binding Technology N/A
Book Thickness N/A sheets
Book Size N/A
Cover Type N/A
Cover Weight N/A gsm
Optional or Standard N/A

Parameters of Category: Printer Function-Specification
Memory 192 MB
PCL Fonts
PS Fonts
Supported OS PCL Novell Netware v3.2,4.1,4.11,4.25;Windows 95;Windows 98;Windows 2000;Windows XP;Windows NT 4.0;Mac OS 7.5
Supported OS PS
Supported OS UFR
Interface Ethernet
Network Protocol TCP/I;IPX/SPX;AppleTalk
Hard Disk 5.1 GB
Pull Scan
PDL PCL5e;PCL6;PostScript3

Parameters of Category: Punch Unit
Optional or Standard Optional

Parameters of Category: Resolution
Copying 1200x600 DPI
Printing 2400x1200 DPI
Halftone 256 Graduations
Scanning 600x600 DPI

Parameters of Category: Send Function-Specification
Scan Speed with DADF Black and White IPM
Scan Speed With DADF Colour IPM
Scan Resolution Black and White DPI
Scan Resolution Colour DPI
File Format Single
File Format Multi
Optional or Standard
Address Book

Parameters of Category: Systems
Max Power Consumption W
Standby Power Consumption W
Memory 128 MB
Hard Disk Drive 5.1 GB
Interface Ethernet
Power Supply

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