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  U8(Used Copier)
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  Konica minolta

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  Product Specifications
Konica minolta 7085
Konica minolta 7085
Product Range:B/W Production Printer/Copier
Category: U8Used,,
Brands:Konica minolta
Product Specifications: 
Konica Minolta 7085                                                Available Functions*                IP-602 Print Controller
                               PAPER SUPPLY:
                               500-sheet universal paper trays (2)
Digital Printer/Copier/Scanner                                                                         Specifications
                               1,000-sheet universal paper tray    Auto Document Feeding
                               150-sheet intelligent bypass        Auto Duplex, Stackless
IMAGING SYSTEM:                                                                                        TYPE:
                                                                   Auto Exposure
High-Speed Dual Beam Laser                                                                             Embedded Print Controller
                                                                   Auto Paper Selection
   Imaging                     OPTIONAL PAPER SUPPLIES:
                               4,000-sheet large capacity tray     Border Erase (frame, fold,          CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT:
                                  (8-1/2”x11”)                      frame & fold)                    866 MHz
                               4,000-sheet large capacity tray     Cover/Sheet Insertion
Simitri Polymerized Toner
                                  (12”x18”)                      Criss/Cross Sorting                 MEMORY:
                                                                   Counter List                        64 MB (standard)
                                                                   Energy Save Mode
750,000 pages                                                                                          512 MB (maximum)
                               MAXIMUM PAPER CAPACITY:
                               6,150 sheets (total, with options)  Folding (including Z-fold)
PRINT/COPY SPEED:                                                                                      PRINT SPEED:
                                                                   Hole-Punching (2-hole, 3-hole)
85 ppm (8-1/2”x11”)                                                                                  85 ppm
                               DOCUMENT FEEDER:
                               Paper Capacity: up to 100 sheets    Image Density Test Samples
                               Paper Size: 5-1/2”x8-1/2” to         (16 density settings)
PRINT/COPY RESOLUTION:                                                                                 PRINT RESOLUTION:
                                  11”x17”                        Image Insert
Selectable 400 dpi or 600 dpi                                                                          400 dpi or 600 dpi
                               Paper Weight: 16 lb. bond to        Image Overlay
                                  110 lb. bond                     Image Shift
HALFTONE REPRODUCTION:                                                                                 SCANNING:
256 gradations                                                     Intelligent Job Building            Scanning in TIFF and PDF formats
                                                                   Interrupt Copying                   Scan-to-E-mail
                               POWER REQUIREMENTS:
                               220V, 20 A (dedicated line)         Job Memory/Prestart (30 jobs)       Scan-to-FTP
128 MB (standard)                                                  Job Reserve (5 jobs)                Scan-to-HDD (with HDD option)
512 MB (maximum)                                                   Password Printing
                               DIMENSIONS (WxDxH):
                               35”x30-1/2”x46”                  Photo Mode                          SCANNING SPEED:
                                                                   Post Insertion                      Up to 85 ppm (400 dpi or 600 dpi)
6 minutes (approx.)                                                Print Job Spooling
                               616 lbs.                            Proof Copy                          PRINT DRIVERS:
                                                                   Rotation Exit (horizontal/vertical) Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,
3.3 seconds or less (approx.)                                      Scan-to-E-mail                         XP, Macintosh
                               LT-402 Large Capacity Tray          Scan-to-FTP
                                  (4,000 sheets, 8-1/2”x11” )    Scan-to-HDD
COPY QUANTITY:                                                                                         PAGE DESCRIPTION LANGUAGE:
                               LT-412 Large Capacity Tray
1- 999 copies                                                      Sorting                             PCL 5e
                                  (4,000 sheets, 12”x18”)        Stamping (continuous)               Adobe PostScript 3 (option)
                               FS-211 Finisher (sort, staple,      Stapling (single or multi-position)
Zoom range: 25 - 400%,                                             Storyboarding (2-in-1, 4-in-1,      FONTS:
                               FS-111 Finisher (sort, staple)
   1% increments                                                      8-in-1, 16-in-1)                 PostScript Fonts: 136 (option)
                               PI-108 Post-Insertion Tray
Preset reduction: 93%, 73%,                                        Trimming                            PCL Fonts: 81
                               PU-108 Punch Unit
   65%, 50%,                                                       Watermark
                               PZ-108 Punch and Z-fold Unit
Preset enlargement: 121%,                                          Zoom                                PROTOCOLS:
                               TU-108 Trimmer Unit
   129%, 155%, 200%                                                                                    AppleTalk (Ethertalk)
                               IP-602 Embedded Print Controller                                        IPX/SPX
                               Adobe PostScript Kit (for IP-602)                                       TCP/IP
                               MU-401 Memory Upgrade
Auto                                                                                                   HTTP
                                  (64 MB) for IP-602
Text                                                                                                   SNMP
                               MU-402 Memory Upgrade
Photo                                                                                                  IPP
                                  (128 MB) for engine
                               MU-402B Memory Upgrade
                                  (128 MB) for print controller
To 11”x17” maximum           PAGESCOPE APPLICATIONS
                               Document Workflow Management
                                  PageScope Cabinet Pro
5-1/2”x8-1/2” to 12”x18”
                                  PageScope Router (optional)
16 lb. bond to 53 lb. bond
110 lb. index
74 lb. cover

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