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Product Category

  Color Production Printer/Copier
  B/W Production Printer/Copier
  Color Multifunction Copier
  B/W Multifunction Copier
  Color Digital Printer
  Color Digital Engineering Printer
  Compatible Supplies

Quality Level Category

  U8(Used Copier)
  U9(Refurbished Copier)
  U9.5(Remanufactured Copier)

Brand Category

  Konica minolta

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  Product Specifications
Xerox DocuColor2060
Xerox DocuColor2060
Product Range:Color Production Printer/Copier
Category: ,,U9.5Remanufactured
Product Specifications: 

Print Resolution 600x600dpix8bit depth, Continuous tone
Line Screens
600 Line Screen
300 Line Screen
200 Rotated Line Screen
200 Cluster Dot Line Screen
150 Cluster Dot Line Screen
ColorBridge Technology
LOFT (Low Oil Fusing Technology)
Digital Blanket
TRACS (Toner Reproduction Auto Correction System)
I-TRACS (Intelligent- Toner Reproduction Auto Correction System)
45 ppm(A4, 8.5x11") 64 – 80 gsm
60 ppm (A4, 8.5x11" ) 81 – 135 gsm
30 ppm (A4, 8.5x11" ) 136 – 220 gsm
22.5 ppm (A4, 8.5x11" ) 221 – 280 gsm and transparencies
Paper Handling
Tray 1 550 sheets, B5 to 320c457mm, 64-220gsm, uncoated
Tray 2 550 sheets, B5 to 320c457mm, 64-220gsm, uncoated
Tray 3 2,000 sheets, B5 to 320c488mm, 64-280gsm, uncoated, coated, and transparencies
Tray 4 (Optional High Capacity Feeder) 2500 sheets, B5 to 320x488mm, 64-220 gsm, uncoated, coated
Other Substrates
Offsetting Output Tray 500 sheets with automatic offsetting of sets
Duplex Automatic duplexing from all trays up to 220 gsm
--- *Note: Tray capacity based on 90 gsm substrate
(With Integrated Digital Scanner)
Automatic Image Rotation
Concurrent print, scan and job programming
4 Color Modes – Auto, 4-Color, 3-Color, Black
Image Quality Controls
Hue, Color Balance, Chroma, Sharpness
Face-Up or Face-Down Output
Photo Mode, Map Mode, Text Mode, Text and Photo Mode
2,500 - sheet High Capacity Stacker
4,000 - sheet High Capacity Stacker
Base configuration: 208-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 30A
An additional 220 VAC 50 Hz is required for RIP and feeding/finishing modules
Full printing system 4423 (L) x 960 (W) x 1408 (H)mm
Weight: 1300Kg
Fiery EX2000d 1219 (L) x 1219 (W) x 876 (H)mm
Weight: 92.6Kg

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