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 Customer Service Terms Server Policy  

■Services for U9 Products
1. ECOSTAR guarantees to keep the products in good repair. Only valid warranty holder can be guaranteed for repair:
          Speed                         Warranty Period            Warranty prints/copies
         30~49 PPM (print per min)      1 year                 100,000
         50~59 PPM (print per min)     1 year                 150,000
         60 PPM (print per min)              1 year                   300,000
        1.1The warranty period is subject to 18 months after ex-works, or 12 months after installation, or the specified quantity of products that have been used, whichever ends earlier;
        1.2 Warranty coverage: repair or replace the integrated circuit board, switch, structural parts, etc. for warranty card based products only (shipping and handling are at own expenses);
        1.3 Non-warranty coverage: (paid service is available at request if the products are under warranty);
        1.3.1 The parts and accessories (wearing parts) which with service life but subject to regular replacement;
        1.3.2 Consumables such as drum, toner, carrier, etc. (consumable materials);
        1.3.3 Where the product is not accompanied with warranty card, or the warranty card is not completed as required, nor sealed, nor sent back if any;
        1.3.4 Where the product is provided with neither ECOSTAR product code nor SN code;
        1.3.5 The faults and damages caused by irresistible natural disasters;
        1.3.6 The faults and damages caused by improper operation of users;
        1.3.7 The faults and damages caused by careless transportation and handling. The users are required to purchase the transportation insurance at discretion;
        1.3.8 The faults and damages caused by the use of parts and consumable materials other than the ones designated and approved by ECOSTAR. (Brands designated by ECOSTAR: original brand, KATUN-ECOSTAR brand).
2、Technical Support:
        2.1 Phone technical advisory support is available ;
        2.2 Network password is available for advanced support
        2.3 Appointed technician is available at special request (the expenses should be borne by the applicant).
3、Training and Exchange:
        3.1 Free in-person technical training is available at special (subject to accommodations are at your own expenses during the training);
        3.2 Qualified technicians shall be granted for license after final examination passed.
        4、Installation, debugging and maintenance are at dealers’ expense of 400 Yuans, payment due to your end settlement (refer to the warranty card)

 ■Services for Rental Products
     According to the Lease Contract signed by you and ECOSTAR, you will be entitled to the services as below: :
1、Tailored printing solutions for you based on your actual demand, and provide the on-site installation, maintenance, replacement and software upgrading service.
2、Provide consumables (except paper).
3、Provide training on operation and technology.
4、Appointed engineers to be on-site within 4 hours (before 5:00 pm) on weekdays (8 hour on Saturday), upon receipt of the report information in specified area and specified time.
5、Emergency support is available at extra expense when the report information is received during the national statutory holiday or after 18:00pm.
6、If the work capacity is overloaded, our report office can provide back-up support temporally to help and meet the customer’s demand. 。

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