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    Ecostar Printer & Copier market, with convenient transportation and excellent facility, offers a fantastic market for Chinese used copier dealers. It is also a good place for copy shops owner and office-sourcing men to buy their ideal equipment. The professional market offers customers not only a wide range of products, but also a good place to compare service and price.
Ecostar Printer & Copier Market location:
5 miles from Nanjing International Airport
Express way nearly
20 miles from Nanjing High-speed Railway Station
35 miles from Nanjing port
Ecostar Printer & Copier Market Advantages:
Convenient transportation
Locate in Centre China
Ecostar Printer & Copier Market Goals:
The largest Chinese used printer & copier market
Annual sales of 400,000 sets
Consumables for printers and copiers
One-stop sourcing for customers
Address:LuKou, Jiangning district, Nangjing, China
Copy Right: Tianzhong Electromechanical (Nanjing) Co,. Ltd, Nanjing Ecostar Office Solution Co,. Ltd
Tel:025-86870607 Fax:025-85439958 E-mail:ecostarintsou@163.com